Client: City of London, Ontario.
Value: CA$9,521,970

Construct a 4 No. concrete caissons for the Burbrook Trunk Sewer Project. City of London, Ontario, Canada.
In September 2015, Ward and Burke Microtunnelling were awarded a contract to construct a 4 No. concrete caissons and 225m of 3000mm OD microtunnel for the Burbrook Trunk.


  • Tunnel No.1 was 175m in length crossing underneath 22 No. live rail lines.
  • Tunnel 2 was 50m in length crossing under 2 No. live rail lines. Both crossings were completed with 7m+/- cover, (from ground level to crown of pipe) with negligible settlement to the rail lines, the alert level for settlement was 5mm, which was not reached during or after tunnelling was
  • Both tunnels will then be tie-in to the existing storm pipe lines and permanent Manholes constructed in-Situ.