Client: Dublin City Council.
Value: €7.65M.

Design, construct, test and commission of foul gravity sewer using Microtunnelling Techniques, Dublin City.
The Works are located at Sherriff Street Upper, East Road and Church Road, Dublin City.

  • Pipelaying using Microtunnelling Techniques.
  • Design, construct, test and commission of 1No. drive shaft (MH1), 5m diameter caisson, 10.8m deep in Sherriff Street Upper.
  • 100m of 1200mm diameter foul gravity sewer on Sherriff Street Upper by microtunnelling.
  • 73m of 1200mm diameter foul gravity sewer by microtunnelling techniques.
  • 1No. 4m diameter reception shaft, 8.2m deep on the junction of Sherriff Street Upper, New Wapping Street and East Wall Road.
  • 1No. 3m x 5m rectangular caisson, 8.2m deep reception shaft on Sherriff Street.
  • 1No. drive shaft on East Road pumping station access road.
  • 5m diameter caisson, 7.1m deep, located within close proximity (2m) to an industrial building and 1.5m of an existing 1200mm brick culvert.


  • 1No. 4m diameter caisson, 6.5m deep on Church Road, utilised as reception shaft for the 1200mm tunnel and launch shaft for the 600mm diameter tunnel.
  • 200m of 1200mm diameter foul gravity sewer between Church Road and Sherriff Street Upper/New Wapping Street Junction by microtunnelling.
  • This section included 1No. crossing (59m) under Iarnrod Eireann railway line, East Road embankment, HV ESB Oil filled cables, HP Gas Mains and adjacent to existing building.
  • 20m of 600mm diameter foul gravity sewer on Church Road by microtunnelling.
  • Conversion of all drive and reception shafts to manholes.
  • Online tunneling in previously abandoned tunnel in made ground.