Client: Mayo County Council

Location: Co. Mayo, Ireland

Project Value: €5.40m

Description: Upgrading and refurbishment works at Tourmakeady Water Treatment Plant and the High Lift Raw Water Pumping Station at Lough Mask in Co. Mayo

Design & Build

Ward & Burke were responsible for the design, construction, testing & commissioning of the Lough Mask Treatment Plant, designed to cater for 27,300m3/day and subsequently increased to 40,600m3/day. The upgrade included additional settlement and filtration elements and also necessitated improvement works at the Intake Works and Pumping Station along with the duplication of 2.33km of 600mm diameter ductile iron rising main to cater for increased flows to the treatment plant.

Srah to Westport Pipeline & Reservoir

Works included for a trunk main extension of the Lough Mask Regional Water Supply Scheme from Srah to Westport. The pipeline was laid in the R330 and in adjacent wayleave. Twin and triple 400mm diameter DI pipework was also laid in the N59 and the adjoining residential road network. The Contract included for a complete civil, mechanical and electrical installation, including the construction of a 4000m3 precast reservoir, control building and 6 valve house chambers.

Works included design, supply, installation and commissioning of;

  • 3No. raw water booster pumps each capable of pumping 375m3/hr
  • Flow, level, temperature, pressure & process measuring instrumentation for pump control and monitoring
  • A new SCADA system to monitor record and interpret key data such as flows and pressure and alert operators of any faults or alarms.

As part of this contract, it was necessary to upgrade, alter and supplement the existing chemical dosing and sterilisation arrangements in parallel with the increased throughput requirements of the plant. This included;

  • Fluorine Dosing System
  • Soda Ash Dosing System
  • Polyelectrolyte Dosing
  • Chlorination Plant
  • Replacement of the chlorine gas dosing system with a sodium hypochlorite solution dosing system


  • 2200m3 of rock had to be broken out to facilitate setting out the position of the proposed washwater recovery tank structure (15,000m³) which was 8.5m deep.
  • The Srah to Westport pipeline works were constructed through two Natura 2000 sites; Lough Carra and Mask Special Area of Conservation and Lough Mask Special Protection Area.
  • Circa 14km of pipeline was through wayleaves/agricultural land, and approximately 20km in the road. This involved temporary and permanent road reinstatement and a requirement for detailed traffic management.
  • In addition, the contract incorporated 7 No. large River crossings which were completed with the cooperation of Inland Fisheries Ireland.