Client: MWH Treatment

Location: Northamptonshire, UK

Project Value: £5.15m

Description: Design and build of the Welland Bio Power Resource Recovery (10MW) centre at Pebble Hall Farm in Theddingworth, Northamptonshire, UK

The plant processes waste wood products in the form of wood chips into electricity. The basic process requires the wood chips to be ‘super-heated’ which allows water in a boiler to create steam. This steam is then used to drive a turbine which will ultimately create the electricity.

The project comprised design & construction of the following:

  • Excavation of site and suitable foundation support to buildings and roadways. This involved extensive CPT site investigation and Plaxis analysis of the raft slab to confirm that the differential settlements are within acceptable limits of 0.2% slopes on the raft slab.
  • Raft slabs for the process, turbine, reception, 33kVA switchgear and administration buildings.
  • ACC base and associated pits.
  • Concrete push walls in reception hall and 33kVA switchgear buildings.
  • Steel superstructure, cladding and roller shutter doors to process, turbine, reception and administration buildings.
  • Internal office fit-out to administration building in the form of blockwork walls and associated decorating, joinery and wall and floor finishes.
  • 33kva Switchgear building superstructure in the form of block & brick walls and truss roof and concrete tile system.
  • All surface water & foul drainage and associated attenuation lagoons.

Back blinding pits/ excavations in building allowed;

  • Blinding to be complete
  • Provision of clean working areas for steel/shutters
  • Steel fixing well in advance