Client: Wexford Creamery / Danone Nutricia

Location: Co. Wexford, Ireland

Project Value: €3.75m

Description: 5 year contract for the operation and maintenance of a wastewater treatment plant

Both Wexford Creamery and Danone Nutricia share ownership of this on-site wastewater treatment plant to treat their respective raw effluent and subsequent discharge into Wexford Harbour.

Ward & Burke manage the wastewater treatment facility from the inlet pumping and balancing through to discharge of treated effluent. Initially, caustic soda and sulphuric acid are dosed into the Balance tank to correct the pH prior to the DAF process. This primary treatment process is followed by biological treatment in the form of Anoxic Tank, SBR’s (2 No.) and final settlement. Sludge from the DAF Tank and the secondary treatment process is pumped to a picket fence thickener tank and disposed off site. The O&M contract includes the following:

  • Full time plant operation
  • Routine maintenance and emergency call out
  • Sampling and analysis
  • Optimisation of plant performance
  • Recording and reporting
  • Management of site maintenance

One of the key objectives of the contract is to optimize the treatment process in order to reduce variable operational costs such as electricity, chemicals and sludge.