Client: Castlebar Town Council

Location: Co. Mayo, Ireland

Project Value: €0.68m

Description: Upgrade to the existing riverwalk between Lough Lannagh / Link Road Bridge and the offices of Castlebar Town Council / Marsh house located in the town centre of Castlebar, Co. Mayo, Ireland

Ward & Burke constructed a new river edge to the Castlebar River for a section of the Riverwalk by driving 170m of 5m sheetpiles.

  • Façade sheetpiles with 2.0m high precast panels cantilevering 500mm over river. 150mm reinforced ground slab for walkway tied into precast panels.
  • Installation of 3no. Pedestrian footbridges for access across river along its route, bridges supported by 4no. 192mm diameter Odex piles with capping beam constructed on top of piles.
  • Replacement of existing footbridge on the Riverwalk at Hobans / Market Square Carpark in the town centre and completion of landscaping works. This work included extension of the paving finishes and guardrail to tie into the new bridge structure.
  • Replacement of existing concrete footbridge at the Castlebar Town Park. Demolishment of existing precast and installed steel fabricated bridge.
  • 150m of wrought iron fence constructed on top of 600mm high concrete plinth to retain raised ground levels.
  • New walkway consisting of paved brick constructed for 400 linear meters.
  • Stainless Steel Guardrail installed along sheet pile retaining wall for edge restraint.
  • Willow Wall constructed for 150m to retain existing bank along walkway edge.
  • Protection to mature trees maintained at all times and root protection zone established where new ground levels increased around tree bark.
  • Public lighting duct laid along extent of site and 17no.light poles erected.
  • 500m of 100mm land drain installed with outlets to river every 80m.
  • Landscaping works including grass seeding, timber fencing, timber edging and plum chip décor used to complete project aesthetics.