Client: Laing O’Rourke / United Utilities Company

Location: Trafford Way, Manchester

Project Value: £6.26m

Description: Design and construction of all temporary and permanent works in the Final Settlement Tank Pipework


Ward & Burke Construction completed the installation of 520m of 1800mm diameter ductile iron pamlock pipes for the rising main, which increased to a 2600mm diameter steel pipe 26m from the distribution chamber (DC1) it connected to. The rising main pipework has a base of 500mm reinforced concrete the entire span of the pipeline. The rising main also included a 55m long x 2500mm diameter hand driven tunnel 4m at invert level below an existing road. 29 no crescent plinths were constructed by Ward & Burke  to support and restrain the rising main as well as the construction of a 25m span In-Situ concrete pipe bridge over an existing storm over flow channel where the final connection was made. The rising main was primarily installed using open cut methods, sheet piles were installed close to the DC1 to prevent ground movement.

Ward & Burke also carried out all of the installation of the pipework to the Final Settlement Tanks. All temporary works were designed in-house and installed by Ward & Burke Operatives.

Inlet Mains – Installation of 576m of 1200mm diameter ductile iron pipes from Saint Gobain. Each of the 10no. final settlement tanks had a 1200mm diameter inlet main coming from the second distribution chamber (DC2) and a reinforced concrete base 300mm deep. A 5000m3 bulk excavation was carried out between the tanks and south of DC2 to accommodate for 4no 1200mm diameter inlet mains, the base of which consisted of 510m3 poured on a single pour.

Outlet Mains – Installation of 600m of ductile iron and steel pipes, ranging from 800 – 2400mm in diameter. The outlet pipework also has a reinforced concrete base 500mm deep. The pipework goes from each of the 10 no. FST’s, converge and connect to ASP1 culvert connection manhole. This connection is where the outlet main increases.