Client: North East Ohio Sewer District (NEORSD)

Location: Ohio, USA

Project Value: $9.6m

Description: General Contractor for the Construction, Microtunnelling, Dual Force Main, Pump StationUpgrade, Tie-ins and Permanent Concrete Works for the Relief Sewer in Cleveland, Ohio, USA

This project provided for the construction of sewers, sewer relief and consolidation structures, along with the update of several regulators.

Unique Project Aspects

  • Sealed Concrete Shafts and Closed Face Slurry Microtunnelling.
  • High strength Concrete Jacking Pipe manufactured by Forterra Pipe & Precast, Columbus, OH; with a 3 bar (50psi) pressure rating.
  • 1800mm MT including Horizontal curve. Longest 72” & Longest Curved microtunnel completed in North America to date.
  • Contaminated and Hazardous material handling & disposal
  • Tie-in to NEORSD’s existing sewer system under flow.

WLLRS-3 was removed and a single drive of 1825LF between WLLRS-1 and 4 was constructed thanks to a value engineering proposal from Ward and Burke Tunnelling. WLLRS-3 was eliminated from the project as its construction would directly affect existing underground infrastructure and overhead hydro lines. By not relocating this existing infrastructure with in the temporary easement time and cost savings were achieved for the client.

The project involves two live tie-ins to existing 36” (3.6 MGD) at WLLRS-1 and WLLRS-4. This was completed using a specially designed hydraulic flume. WLLRS-2 was tied in to an existing 9’x4’ box culvert.

Located in an environmentally sensitive area due to construction within contaminated ground, this project involved the construction of a 2641LF (804m) of 72” (1.8m) storm sewer in 3 No. Drives, 3No. launch and reception Shafts, 3 No. tie-ins. The existing Division Avenue Pump Station (DAPS) 18‐inch force main was proposed to be replaced based on its assumed poor condition (based on the age and material of the force main) and a second force main added as a backup.