Client: The Regional Municipality of York, Ontario
Value: CA$5,301,395

Water Purification Plant & Microtunnelling and sealed shaft construction at Keswick, Lake Simcoe, Ontario.
This project is situated in Keswick which is situated on the Southeast corner of Lake Simcoe, adjacent to the popular recreational area called Cooks Bay. The soil conditions within the southern limits of Lake Simcoe are extremely challenging and are characterized as very weak sands and silts, with typical “N” values of 0-3. As a result, the project contract documents specified both microtunnelling and sealed shaft construction.
The project scope involved construction of:

  • 1110m approximately of gravity sewer using open trench excavation and microtunnelling techniques.
  • 800m of off-shore dredging in order to install a 48″ > 12″ ID HDPE outfall diffuser system.
  • 4No. cast in situ concrete caissons were sunk from surface to formation level with tremie concrete base up to 30ft deep in locations.