Client: Affinity Water

Location: Chertsey, UK

Project Value: €1.0m

Description: Ward & Burke were MEICA & Process Designer and Contractor, and completed Process Proving and Commissioning for Chertsey Water Treatment Works in the UK

Chertsey Water Treatment Works treats water abstracted from four groundwater wells (Abbeymeads source) and from the River Thames through the Northern Burway reservoir. A recent upgrade of the site has enabled the production of 90 MLD of potable water from the two sources, with up to 40 MLD from the Abbeymeads wells and 62 MLD from the Northern Burway stream.

Upgrade of the existing water treatment works at Chertsey included:

  • Provision of self-contained package plant.
  • New coagulation dosing system.
  • Delivery facilities for the dosing plant complete with bund, blind tank and emergency shower.
  • New chambers at the each settling reservoir outlet pipe for the housing of new dosing points.
  • Duty and standby dosing lines to each settling reservoir outlet pipe complete with dosing lances, loading valves, trace heating and lagging and point of application flow switches.
  • Provision of new sample building adjacent to the existing sample kiosk complete with building services.
  • Extension or replacement of two existing sample lines to the new sample building. Replacement of six sample lines. All lines to be fitted with trace heating.
  • Provision eight new sample pumps and associated chlorine monitoring instrumentation.
  • Provision of new motor control centre for the new sample pumps complete with control section.
  • Provision of new consumer protection panel system.
  • Modifications to each site’s distributed SCADA and PLC control systems for the monitoring and control of the new systems on site and remotely via existing telemetry systems.
  • Modification of existing panels and MCCs.
  • Testing and commissioning.
  • Removal and disposal of redundant plant.
  • Programme and manage the works.
  • Management and organisation of other authorities as necessary for the safe transportation, delivery and offloading of plant.
  • Works included incorporating the controls for the upgraded plant into the overall control system for the Water Treatment Works.

In addition to completing the design & build upgrade, Ward & Burke were also responsible for the process proving of the upgraded works for a period of 1 year following commissioning.