Client: Advance

Location: Cumbria, UK

Description: Major new water treatment works near Redmain, Cumbria in the UK

Ward & Burke were responsible for the design, construction and commissioning of the works required to achieve the following project requirements;

  • New water treatment works
  • New hydro-turbine power generation facility
  • 29Ml (mega litre) net capacity treated water tank and valve chamber
  • Pumping station to convey treated water to Moota Hill Service Reservoir
  • Precast Penstock Chamber – Ward & Burke provided a solution for the 1m x 1m x 5m high chamber.
    There was insufficient work room and so this resulted in the design and installation of a precast chamber.


Truss Wall Steel Support

Ward & Burke designed Truss Wall Steel Support for the Contract. The truss temporary works solution forms part of the permanent works on the project. It was erected in advance, taking fixers off the critical path. 

Bamtec Carpet Reinforcement

Carpet reinforcement was the ideal solution for installing lighter steel at close centres in top screed of the composite slab in the clean water tank, resulting in splice correctly staggered  and slab edge detail to tie into the wall.