Client: Irish Water

Location: Dublin

Project Value: €24m

Description: Design, construction and commissioning for the strategic watermain link to increase strategic connectivity and improve the resilience of the water network supply in Dublin.

Ward & Burke were appointed as Designer, Main Contractor, PSDP and PSCS to the contract.

The works were located in private and public property including public roads, footpaths, fields and riverbanks between Peamount Reservoir and Saggart Reservoir complex in South County Dublin. Works also took place within the boundaries of the existing Peamount Reservoir and Saggart Reservoir sites, Peamount Hospital and Casement Aerodrome.

The Main Contract elements included the design, construction and commissioning of;

  • 6.8km 1200mm diameter ductile iron trunk watermain to link between Peamount Reservoir and Saggart Reservoir and provided connectivity between Leixlip and Saggart
  • 10No. concrete structures as pipeline valve chambers. Structures for 1200mm diameter pipe containing thrust walls 1400mm thick. Puddle Flange pipes cast into structures using box-outs post construction
  • Testing of 1200mm diameter pipework to 13bar pressure with puddle flange engaged to distribute pressure to reinforced concrete walls
  • 1.5km of 300mm diameter scour pipe and associated scour chamber
  • Tunnelling of 2No. 1500mm ID tunnels under a National Primary Road (N7 dual carriageway) through rock of 115MPa
  • Post tunnelling installation of 2No. 1200mm diameter watermains to tunnels using in-house fabricated spiders with roller wheels
  • New Pumping Station at Peamount Reservoir with initial capacity of 40ML per day, which can facilitate future expansion up to 100ML per day
  • 1600mm dia. flanged pipework for Pumping Station delivery and suction pipelines
  • 2 No. horizontal split cased pumps capable of 1543 l/s
  • New pumping station building, 710m2, the building included below ground reinforced concrete pipe manifold chambers, reinforced concrete floor and a structural steel frame
  • Stand-alone Chlorine Dosing Facility at Peamount Pump Station
  • Construction of a 63m3 surge vessel
  • 1600mm pipework for future connection
  • Automation of all valves, pumps and mechanical equipment through a SCADA system linked to reservoir levels
  • Reinstatement of public parks and sport pitches