Client: Galway County Council

Location: Co. Galway, Ireland

Project Value: €5.3m

Description: The aim of the project was to substantially reduce water leaks in Ballinasloe town and curb pollution of the River Suck due to sewer overflows

Among the works undertaken by Ward & Burke was changes made to the town’s water network making it more resistant to frost, and to reduce regular sewer overflows that cause the pollution to the River Suck at Ballinasloe in Co. Galway.

The main contract elements included:

  • Upgrading of 8.3km of the existing water mains and associated customer connections
  • Upgrade of 2.43km of surface water sewers in Ballinasloe
  • 840m of Street Enhancement Works on the R446 Brackernagh Street
  • 9,500 Customers in County Galway to benefit from improvement

Water Supply Network
8.3km of old water mains that were no longer fit for purpose and resulted in regular interruptions to supply were replaced, delivering improvements in water quality and service for consumers in Ballinasloe, Oranmore, Headford and Athenry all of which were located in urban areas. Lower maintenance costs and a reduced level of leakage was also achieved as a result of the newly upgraded network. The ability of the network to deal with cold snaps and frost events was significantly improved.

Construction of approximately 8.3km of polyethylene and ductile iron pipework and associated fittings to supplement or replace existing cast iron, AC, PE and uPVC watermains.

  • In excess of 2.3km of 90mm-180mm PD PE 100 SDR 17 polyethylene pipe.
  • 6km of 150mm-400mm ID EN545 ductile iron pipe.
  • Installation of associated fittings including; sluice valves, air valves, scour valves, fire hydrants, electromagnetic flow meters, turbine flow meters with associated chambers, manholes and cross connections.
  • Decommissioning of Asbestos concrete pipework and provision/ installation of concrete grout infill.
  • Installation of fittings and replacement consumer connections in Athenry, Ballinasloe, Headford and Oranmore in County Galway.
  • 422 service connections using open trench installation techniques. Works included commissioning of new distribution mains, operating existing and new simultaneously which allowed provision of an adequate treated water supply service to customers while transferring live water main service connections to individual properties.
  • 12 service connections using trenchless technologies underneath backyards and buildings within private property boundaries. Connection of properties at stopcocks located internally within buildings particularly in the towns of Athenry and Headford.
  • Transfer of 428 service connections from existing Asbestos Cement (AC), PVC, cast iron and lead watermains.
  • Transfer of 6 service connections from existing cast iron and lead watermains to existing uPVC and PE watermains.
  • Consumer Connections including installation of 411 new boundary boxes.
  • Installation of 12 no. additional consumer boundary boxes to the rear of properties (in private property) where trenchless technologies have been used to replace backyard services.

Wastewater Network
The upgrade of 2.43km of surface water sewers in Ballinasloe improved the capacity of the sewer network to deal with increased flows during storm events. Surface water separation will alleviate overflows in the town’s sewers and reduce the volume of storm water sent to the Ballinasloe Wastewater Treatment Plant for unnecessary treatment, delivering lower operating costs at the plant. There will also be a reduction in the discharge of untreated sewer overflows and the associated pollution of the River Suck. The improved network will also have greater capacity to deal with current and future development in Ballinasloe and new gullies will improve road drainage and overall road safety for motorists.

The contract provided for the construction of approximately 3.07km of combined and surface water sewers and associated fittings, consumer connections, manholes and other chambers on the collection networks in Ballinasloe Town;

  • 2.7km of 225mm-525mm diameter concrete pipe
  • 370m of 250mm-600mm diameter ductile iron pipe
  • 73 No. manhole chambers
  • 184 gullies
  • 124 new service connections and 124 new inspection chambers
  • Redirection of existing services (Water & Telecom)
  • Temporary and permanent reinstatement of all surfaces along with additional road re-surfacing.

The works involved extensive engagement with the project stakeholders with a big emphasis placed on building positive relationships with the local community and businesses impacted by the works which proved instrumental in reaching agreement regarding traffic management solutions in these densely populated urban centres which ultimately assisted in the safe delivery of this project.

Complex traffic management installations were required throughout the project due to the significant interface between the works and the general public. For example, Oranmore town centre involved the installation of road closures on sections of Main Street during agreed periods. Access was maintained to Businesses and private properties during critical times such as deliveries, individuals coming to and from work etc. Trained Traffic Management operatives were on site to ensure co-ordination of traffic flow and to minimise the impact to the public. Combinations of stop/go control and vehicle actuated traffic lights and count down timers were deployed throughout the project.